yep, here we go again, I am getting lazy on the blogging front…
Last couple of weeks were bizzy for me, I had a guest coming over from the USA.
We – Brandy and I – know eachother through one of my favorite webforums at I was afraid it wouldn’t be great to meet her and I have never ever been so wrong about something…. it was great! wonderous! marvelous…. 1 more word? how about FANTASIC !!!

<—- Brandy  &  Me —->

On the 27th of feb. we had our first “sniffeling” of eachother in Rotterdam where we went shopping ( typicaly girls thing to do as it seems ). We both had the idea we knew eachother for years already.
Than on Sunday folowing she came over to stay for a couple of days and again it felt great… On Monday we went to Alkmaar and did some more shopping, we were planning on going to Texel ( a small island off the coast of the Netherlands )but it was raining and windy so we decided to stay home and do some chatting and girly stuff.
Brandy teached me how to digiscrap in PSE5 and I must admit I am a convert now. Before I had always used jasc psp but since last Monday I switched and I am afraid to say I am planning on never to return back to psp again. The program is just superbe!
On tuesday I brought Brandy to the airport to go back home, she didn’t want to but she had to so she can start packing for when she comes over in may again…. how much fun will we have than!
The fact that Brandy was staying at my home made me clear out my sewingroom wich also had a negative influence on my quilting and patchwork habit…. I couldn’t do a thing over the last couple of weeks… but this afternoon I started patching again and finished the bargello part of my round-bargello, and I must say ( so do my princess and prince charming ) that it looks fabulous. here is a pictrure of it:

Now I need to go for a “background” fabric and I think it is going to be a realy dark blue, but if someone has other ideas tell me and I will see if I can act on them…
The gift for my SIL’s little soon to be baby is still not finished and I need to get my bud in gear, so tomorrow I will sew and sew all tripes of red and white to pictures of little bunny’s called “Nijntje” ( also known as Miffy ….. )

c u all next time…. soon I promiss!
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