About paperpiecing….. I always thought it to be difficult, to difficult for a beginner to try but how wrong can one be?!
After my logcabion disaster from last week I decided to dive in to paperpiecing… head first LOL. I found a tutorial on the internet about paperpiecing a compas thing together and well… I gave it a shot. Now I wish I did that earlier. I just love to paperpiece! Everything is so precise, every point is scharp and fits together nice with the other points!
Yesterday we went to the “big” city to go get some  fabric for the background of the round Bargello; it’s going to be a dyed black kind of fabric and compliments the Bargello. I also bought some backing for the bunny quilt; white with little ladybugs all over, I sure hope the baby likes it.
Talking about the baby… Yesterday my brother called me to give me the news:
at 3.15 in the afternoon the little child was born, an adorable little girl named FEMKE, she is 52 cm long and weighs 3900 and a little bit. I have no photo’s yet but I am so proud!

this is me bussy with the darn logcabin babyquilt. My little girl is noosy and wanted to see what I was doing, so she climbed on my back.
The backing is knotted to the front, the tassels are all tucked in between the backing and the filling… now all i need to do is wait for the label to arrive and then sew the binding on and it is done……