… that is what kept me bussy the last couple of days. LOL.
I finaly completed the baby playpenn quilt thingie…. and guess what? all the things I see to be wrong nobody else sees them! so I will keep my mouth shut and just give it away….

this is the finished “boxkleed” with the label on the back saying:
made for Femke by auntie Winda 13 3 2008

The other thing I kept myself bussy with the last couple of days is something I am not able to share with you… yet…lol I know “someone” is reading my blog and that “someone” isn’t suppose to see “it” before may the 15th. It is going to be a gift to a special someone who is coming to the Netherlands …. However, that isn’t the only other thing that kept me bussy…. yes I have been cutting and sewing like crazy last week…lol
As some of you know, I am doing a course on how to quilt and patchwork… and we are making a round Bargello.  I missed one of my course things and had to figger out how to put the round Bargello onto the background, but I did manage and this is how it turned out to be: only thing is… I have not enough background fabric ( the black ) wich means…. SHOPPING !!!!!!! lol that is something I really hate …. ( soooooooooooooo not )

my almost finished round bargello QT….

CU all the next time around