Today I went to the quiltshop again and I bought me a quilting hoop, a couple of betweens, some handquilting jarn and a thimble… yes today is the day I am going to try my hand at hand quilting…
It isn’t easy, not easy at all, but I gave it everything I had and the result is “nice”. lol
It isn’t as profesional as I would like it to be, but for a first time it is good enough.
I can’t show you what I made because it is the  “something” for the noosy “someone”…
I also decided to create something for an uncle of mine who is going to marrie in august this year. At first I wanted to create something simular to the “something” for the “someone”, but than I realized I couldn’t do that, because I wouldn’t be able to show my progress in my blog… so I am planning on creating something paperpieced in nutral colors…

I also went to a blog called : liberty star farm and when reading her last entry I found out about her “quilt it forward”. I love the idea that is behind it.
The first 3 persons who comment on that post are rewarded with something she makes herself. She will send it to you within 365 days ( or 1 year…lol ) and the 3 winners must put a blogentry on their own blog about the quilt it forward thing. The first 3 people to comment on that blog entry win something handmade as long as they put a blogentry on it on their own blog…etc etc etc…. see where this is going to–> sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!
So I commented in the hope she would pick me….(*ü*)
I am 4th in line at the moment, but I also saw that 1 comment wasn’t for the quilt it forward thing…. does that mean I won???? I will hear real soon I think and when I do win I will post here and hope that I will have at least 3 commenting visitors…..

Anyway… I’ll wait and see what happends…. keep your fingers crossed


I just have found out I am one of the 3 people that won the Quilt it forward.
This means: the first 3 people who comment on THIS post are the 3 lucky ones that get something send to them, made by myself… as long as they put a post on their blog about the QIF … I will contact you for your Snailmail adress, people from outside of the Netherlands are welcome too!!!! So, what is keeping you from commenting?????