Hi all….

What have I been up too these couple of easter days? I went shopping…
Yes, I did some serious shopping, there was a fabric market in Nieuwegein (NL) and I went there with a good friend of mine: Rian. I bought lots of fun fabrics to create all sorts of things…

You see the Batiks? I loooooooove batiks!!!! the bright pink and blue to the right in the picture are going to be trousers for my princess… With the bright green and the yellow with pink roses I already started to create a catty placemat for my little princess


My husband has set his mind on a dark blue background and red checkerd cats and I for myself are going for a green background and white/with little pink flowers pussy’s.
Normaly you have 4 placemats in a set so I decided to ask the person who visits me often (Rian) wich colors she would like and that resulted in black and pink….. What  colorfull dinner table we will have in the near future, LOL.
The cats are all paperpieced. the original pattern whas to small so I used PSP tot blow it up and than printed it on normal printer paper.

The Mother of Rian is cat-crazy and sometimes she has to act on a low profile due to some illness. She than drops on the couch and feels realy cold… Her birthday is in August and I decided to try my hand @ making a quilow. One with this cat pattern all over and big enough to make her get it warm again.
So I guess I need to go to a copyshop and have the cat pattern printed 100 times or so.
I must admit I am absolute happy with finding out about how easy it is to paperpiece.

A couple of months ago I made a little kiddy pack for my little princess, and there were a couple of people totaly smitten with it and asked me if I would make two for some little lady familymembers… I did and this is the result:


I know they are “sweet to the teeth” and realy girly girly stuff. But as it is girls like these kind of Barbie-things. I left them at my friends house so the person who ordered them could come and pick them up and guess what? My friends Had people visiting yesterday morning and they liked my kiddy pack’s too! they ORDERED a kiddy pack! wow!!!!
I also showed my baby quilt playpenn thing I had made on Sunday and the people visiting my friends on Monday were told about that one too….. And now I get questions about how much it would cost to have one made for them too…..
what the he** is happening here????
Not that I mind getting ooooh’s and aaaaaaaaah’s about my work but I never thought it would appeal to others than my family and friends….. wow!

I have just one “problem” at the moment….. the QIF…
I did everything I could to get people commenting for the QIF, and so far only one person has commented…. so there are 2 spots empty at the moment…… go there and comment in order to patrake in the QIF! …… please? please? pretty please???????