Jippie! We are going to the Quiltshow tomorrow! There is going to be a quiltshow in Rijswijk ( NL ) and we are going there!
I can’t wait to see all the quilts and get new ideas and insights about colorcombinations and so on…. wow.. my first quiltshow that I will be going to.
Today brought me also another great surprise; an envelope filled with gorgious, spectacular quiltblocks! A realy good friend of mine from the US, and a fellow quilter indeed, has made me 8 (!) handstiched patchwork quiltbloks and a beautifull paperpieced block with a redrobbin bird on it…. all I could do is be amazed, bedazled… in oooooooooooooooow, wowowowowowow!!!!!
here they are:

don’t they just look wonderfull??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! and the little red belly bird block… my girl told me it was hers…. lol.
I am playing with the blocks and trying to decide how to use them, I want each and every one of these blocks to stand out, to be admired, to be loved…lol.
Thank you Fawn for sharing your  craftmenship! I’ll keep you all updated on what I decide to create with these.
Tomorrow will be a bussy and expencive day I guess; quiltshow, fabric’s….. one of my friends starts to call me a fabric “ho” because everywhere I come, first thing I do is look if there are good quality quiltfabrics for sale and the 2nd thing I think of is how to use them and in what pattern……
Going to my basket now in preparation of a full day ahead….. hoping for dreams about fabric and brand new sewingmachine’s…. Bernina… Janome….. moda…. gütermann…. betweens….
see? I don’t try to fall asleep using poor cheep….
I use quilting stuff and lovin it….
Have a great night and an even better day tomorrow!
see you all when I see you!