Last Friday we went to the quilt-show and it took us more than 1,5 hours to get there. Traffic-jams all over the place, it wasn’t funny anymore…
First thing we did was look at all the beautiful quilts that were hanging there… oh how I wish I could create something like that!

^this was my favorite… can you see why???!!!
this must have been so much work! I am thinking of doing one of these myself….
some day….

After we had looked at those quilts we walked into the quilt-market that was also there and I wished I had won the lottery…. all these beautiful but very expensive fabrics!!
I didn’t buy the quantities I would have liked to buy ( because I didn’t win the lottery ) and I kept thinking that I didn’t understand why I should be paying double the price for a tiny little piece of fabric while I can buy it much more cheaper in America and have it posted to me and still have money left to buy me more…. So I guess I am going to one of my favorite online shops and buy everything my heart desires…. when I win the lottery….
However, I did buy a couple of FQ’s with lovely soft pink, creme and greenish colors. I also bought me a couple of pattern’s…. bag-pattern’s…

I am crazy about making bags. As you could see in my last post I already made a couple of kiddy-pack’s myself ( did the designing of the pattern all by myself ), But I had seen the LAZY GIRL bag designs online and had always wanted to make some of them… and now that I have the pattern’s I have started right away.

I know the fabric I used isn’t that great but I thought well… what if I use beautiful and expensive fabric and goof up???? I didn’t win the lottery you know…. But so far I like what is becoming of it and I am planning on making more of these bags ( with other curtain fabrics  lololol  they are stiffer than normal quilt-cotton ). Maybe if the others that I want to make are great too, I will put them up for sale…. if there is interest for them that is….. so I can make me some money to buy quilt-fabrics….. because I didn’t win the lottery….