I finished my bag yesterday, I know it isn’t the most great patterned fabric I could have used, but it was the try-out so to say and I must admit it looks fab. I took me hours to convert the inches to cm and a couple of more hours to translate the English into Dutch, but I got it done and the result is great!


I used the wrong kind of batting, this one was to thick, so I kept breaking needles when sewing the bag together…. if anyone has an idea on which needles or batting I should use; shout and let me know…. jeans needles perhaps? So today I got me some sturdy fabric ( again it is curtain-fabric but 100 % cotton!!!! ) in the color-combo white and blue, which is a combo I just love, and I got a black tone on tone fabric also cotton….

this is the black fabric

this is the blue & white ( with some silver accents )

overall patern

 detail of flower ( is realy big )

Yesterday we went to the market and I bought a couple of zippers 22″ long and of-course I bought some jeans for my little princess. She has started to grow again… and boy does she grow. A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of jeans for her size 98/104 cm ( over here kids sizes go by cm length of the kid, size 98 means the kid is 98 cm tall. )

Okay were was I? oh yeah the jeans for princess…
I bought a pair size 98 / 104 and it was to big. This morning I put the same jeans onto her body and guess what? now she has “high water” meaning the jeans isn’t ending on her shoes but somewhere in the middle of her under-legs. She is growing like crazy, so I decided to no longer buy her size 104 but start buying size 110/116. and those are to big at the moment…. pfffffffffff having a kid with a growing issue isn’t fun for your bank-account….
On Tuesday we had our last “get-together” for the quilting course I was doing. remember the round bargello? That is the “thing” we were making and I did NOT finish it… I gave it borders, put it on batting, gave it a backing and that’s it…. I can’t think of an original way of quilting it, lots of other students have been doing a swirly kind of thing or ray’s that look like they originate in the middle and flow out to the sides ….. but I want something original… at the moment the bargello is somewhere in my sewing-room waiting for inspiration on the quilting-front. This last class we did some PP and we made a hart, maybe I will make 3 more and turn it into a little quilt I think, not sure though…

I have been downloading lots and lots of Paper Piecing Patern’s ( PPP ) lately and I decided to print them all out and put them into clear plastic show thingies and in an ordner so I can always find them ( the ordner is bright pink colored ) and make a copy of them. I just hear too often that computers break down and everything that is on the HD is gone….I had a breave glimps of that a couple of weeks ago myself. I just don’t want to lose these beautifull PPP’s. My DH ordered a couple of books for me online yesterday evening. they too are about PPP, one with mariners compas patern’s and one with 365 ppp blocks in it… one for each day of the year, lol.
DH got me the Joen Wolfrom flowerquilt book a couple of weeks ago and I realy want to create one of those but I do think I need some more quilting experiance before burning my hands and quiltingpride on them….

One of my other dreams on the quiltingfront that I have is owning a copy of the EQ-6 program and a wacom drawingthingie. I would love to be able to do quiltblockdrawing by myself and make my own PPP’s. The program is 180 euro’s including the wacom that is. which means I need to start saving some money…. or win the lottery…lol.