My machine broke down last Saturday…… I was sewing PP logcabin potholders and the bobbintreath didn’t sew like it should… it skiped a couple of stiches…. soooooooooo first thing I did this morning: I phoned to a sewingmachineshop and asked what to do. His answer: bring it in, it needs to be tuned up again.
This means I can’t make the blocks for Fawn this week as planned, it also means I have nothing to keep me from “thinking”. Yes thinking is one of the worse things I can do at the moment.
Last year April was difficult for me; the 12th is the date my Mom died and the weeks before were the weeks I saw my mom getting more and more sick, turning from a wonderfull woman into a childlike creature. Forgive my bluntness about that, my Mom had braincancer. The last couple of weeks has kicked my “thinking” into overgear so to speak and sewing was one way to get on with life without having to think other than how to piece things together. Now that my machine is broke I realise how much I sew, how much time I put into creating bags, pillows, keyholders, potholders, quilts, clothings…. etc etc. But also how much I avoid thinking of what happend to my Mom and to myself last year April…… time for me to get my head out of the sand and learn how to cope with April……

ps. This morning I was told someone I know has died last weekend….. so forgive me if this is going to be the only post for this week…. I have nothing to show, nothing to say…. I will be trying not to think to much… forgive me