The sewingmachinehospital called yesterday to let me know I can get sewing-machine back and it is all as “new”…. So this afternoon I will be off to the “huge” big city of Beverwijk (NLD) to go and get my precious sewing-machine. Now that we have “overcome” so much together and that she has proven to be a good little machine, I think we are ready to name her properly… only problem with this… I don’t have a name…….lol

If there is anybody out there who knows of a suitable name for my little Toyota sewing-machine please come forward and speak up. I will pick 3 names and put them into a poll and let the visitors decide in the end how my little machine is going to be named.
So first let me know what you think would be a great name and next week I will put up the poll…
Maybe I need to make it more interesting for you to give me names… let me think….
What if: I pick the name you give my sewing-machine and put it into a poll AND your name wins… and if there are more people with the same name I will draw a number AND if it is You, you will get a little something…. a key-holder perhaps?
Will keep you up-to-date on this subject, be back later today to tell you more about what happened in my disorganized household and how I am thinking of doing this name-thingy


 post script : naming objects is silly, I know but my first car had a name : hubby ( it whas a Fiat Uno Hobby ) and the car I have now is called mr vanPuffelen ( meening so much as  mr. slowly and in its own time…. ) can’t help myself…..