As I told you Yesterday, I got my sewing-machine back and now you guess what I have been up to yesterday afternoon and today….. right…. I sewed like crazy! lol.
I was creating a couple of potholders when my machine broke and those had to be finished so I can send them to family members to thank them for their hospitality.
1set is finished now. I had to take out all the seams I already sewed with the broken machine because there were missing lots and lots of stitches and I think the potholders would fall apart if I didn’t do it all anew. This time I used a paperpiecepattern for a log-cabin that I made all by myself. Not that making such a pattern is difficult  (log-cabin that is). this is the end result: 

With my brand new labels saying: Enchanted Thingie made by Winda ;0)

Don’t you just get a great feeling with those colors? I used the red/white/blue from our national flag and in the center I used a typical Dutch design: TULIPS! I like these potholders a lot and am thinking maybe to keep a set for myself in my own kitchen…..

In my last post I also asked you to tell me how to name my sewing-machine but only one person gave her Input so far, even though I had over 60 !!!! visitors yesterday…. yes over 60 and I don’t know how that happened, lol. I must admit that it feels great to know that what I write is interesting to others, lol!
I need to clean up my livingroom again because it looks like there have been bombs falling out of the air… bombs filled with fabrics, needles, offcuts and cats, mix this with my little girls toys and you can get a mild idea of how my living looks right now… so maybeI won’t be blogging or do some sewing the upcoming days or so, I need  want to clean the house.  Could It be that this is related to spring cleaning? who knows! LOL.

Till next time around!