I am so so naugthy, lol. I told you all I would be cleaning my house the last couple of days, didn’t I…. Well, I found some fabric that called out to me to create something with it.. But I could resist and put it back into the bag it came…. than I opened a closet upstairs…. filled with towels. When my husband and I started our “joint-venture” of living together and getting married and starting our family 5 years ago, we both had lots of bath towels and we picked the best ones to use and the other ones were locked up in the closet. Now, were am I going to with this story? Remember the fabrics calling out to me? These towels did the same: “get me out of the dark and use me otherwise the moths will come and eat me and you will have nothing” …. Than I remembered a Pattern I found on the Internet for making …. bibs. My princes is 3,5 now so she is way to old for bibs and no I am not pregnant either. Why in g’s name would I feel the urge to create bibs? Just because that gave me an excuse to sew….lol.
So first thing I did was find the pattern again, which I knew I had downloaded but wasn’t sure where on my computer I saved it to….. After I had found it again I printed it out and picked my fabrics and my trusty rolling knife and started cutting. I went to the market to get me bias-tape ( because I don’t own a bias-tape-makermyself ) and started sewing…. There is still one that needs to be done but 3 are finished! Not sure what I will do with them, maybe put them in the closet right beside the towels that are there for more than 5 years…lol



bib 1 front and back


bib 2 front and back


bib 3 front and back

I think these are great and if someone would ask me to create some for their child I would! They are so easy to make and they are big!
This upcoming week we have a little party, my husband is getting 46 and we will celebrate this event with visiting “de keukenhof”.  I haven’t got him a present yet, though, he all ready had one so to speak…. Last year he got a tom tom xl navigator and I told him it was so expensive he better not think of any presents for the upcoming 4 years, but how can I not but him something? I mean, after all it is his birthday! Maybe bake him a huge birthday cake? But… how? I am not that great a cook and well yes I know how to make a BIENESTICH, but that’s it. I never made anything else than a bienestich and a simple ordinary cake….
So if there is anyone out there who knows a really easy simple but approved recipe for a wonderful birthday surprise or anyone who has an idea of what I could get my husband for his birthday…
A couple of posts back I asked all of you to help me find a name for my sewing-machine, there is only one name so far … and I want more before I put up a poll…. would be rather pathetic a poll with only one name to choose from…
And even more posts back I talked about the QIF that I am doing…. I am still missing one person who is willing to play along. so far I have Lily Boot from http://blockaday.com/ and I have Fawn from http://quiltinglady.spaces.live.com/  so still space for one more QIF-player… Go to the post and comment. As soon as I have all together I will contact everyone for their snail-mail address…… please please pretty please?

maybe I will blog some more later today, who knows…..
Hugs for now