Yesterday I got my mothers day present, yes I know, it isn’t mothers day YET! lol
The day before yesterday, my husband asked me what I would like to get for mothers day and I told him that what I really would like would be EQ6. I also told him that is was to expensive for mothers day and that I would save money to get me a copy in a couple of months…
Yesterday the doorbell rang and the postman gave me a package when I answered the door…. it was addressed to my husband but it came from an online quilt-shop….. hmmmmmmm…..
All I could do was yell at my husband to come downstairs and open this package…. I was sooooooooo curious what he had ordered at a quilt-store… he is after all my non-quilting-husband-hero-kind-of-guy.
Imagine my surprise when he opened the box and out came: a Wacom drawing-tablet and… EQ6 !!!!!
Now I can draw and think up my own quilt layouts/blocks/borders…..wowie

Tomorrow we are going to ” de Keukenhof ”  to go see spring-flowering bulbs and other plants. It is my dear hubby’s 46th birthday tomorrow!  After visiting the flowers, we will go to a dear friend of mine: Rian, for some tea and biscuits ( in his case coffee and biscuits ). Rian’s mother will be there also, but he doesn’t know about that. Rian’s mom is my little girls adoptive grandmother. Long story short version: my mom died last year and there is no contact whatsoever with my husband parents, Rian’s mom volunteered to be my princesses adoptive granny….isn’t that great?!?
where was I? oh yeah… tea and biscuits… that he knows, but the fact that adoptive granny will be there too is something he doesn’t know…. Why is she there? well… to take the birthday-boy out for dinner and we can come along…lol.  So, he will be surprised tomorrow when granny is there AND when he hears that we are surprising him with a dinner….. now the one thing I hope he doesn’t do before tomorrow morning is reading this blog……. (*ü*)

I’ll let you all know how our Tripp to ” de keukenhof ” went, and the dinner….and the surprising part of the day…
Stay safe and CU next time around!