But he doesn’t want to go to the vet…. Guess how my arms and hands look? Yes indeed, he scratched every inch of my arms, punched wholes in my favorite t-shirt with his nails and after that he crawled under the couch to never be seen again. He has some bladder problems and I hope he will be ok. I went to the vet anyway, and all he could do is give me pills and some plastic stuff for in his litter box. Yeah, right if I am not able to catch him without getting scratched, how do they expect me to give that darn cat a pill…. Correction… 2 pills a day!????!
Tomorrow morning he will be getting his medicine, even if that means all hell will break lose…. And I am sure it will, LOL…

Yesterday ( hubby’s birthday ) was a wonderful day, as said; we went to “ de Keukenhof “ in Lisse (NL) and we had lots of fun watching all these flowers, and hear all those people talk in Dutch, German, French, English, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Moroccan…. And all the other languishes that I could not define…lol
I tried to make a couple of pictures from my little princess, but she was to overwhelmed with the smells of all these flowers, the only thing she could do was laugh out loud… very loud!



My precious in the middle of tulips and hyacinths

After we had seen all these tulips, hyacinth’s and all the other beautiful flowers, we went to visit my dear friend Rian. Together with her mother, they surprised my husband with a dinner and I must say it was really great dining with them!
The restaurant was slow with serving food though, which meant that girly had no hunger anymore and all she wanted to do was sleep… poor thing, too much impressions for 1 day….
After dinner we went home and princess slept most part of the trip back.