Today I finally found some spare time to do a complete revamp of my website!
I hadn’t done anything to it in over a year so it really was necessary… The site was about psp and incredimailbackgrounds… something I was totally into for a couple of years but not anymore.
I gave the website a new identity by making it… quilty.
I downloaded lovely graphics of bears that are quilting and sewing and I started to put everything together.
I realize that not all the links are to updated and/or full pages, but the begin is there and now it is to me to keep it up to date.
Feel free to go and have a look here and than come back to me and leave me a comment telling me what you think of it so far 😉 .
As said yesterday, today it is koninginnedag. It is a holiday to celebrate the birthday of our former queen Juliana. When her daughter took over the crown she made her mothers birthday a national holiday and called it queensday. When our Queen resigns her crown and gives it to her first born son… we will have  King for the first time in many many years. But I do hope that queensday will survive and be celebrated for long times to come.
Tomorrow I will go visit my friend Rian, she has had a surgery for tonselremovement yesterday.
Talk to you all later this week!


post script : don’t you think I keep up this blogging really well?????? LOL I never had so much posts in all the blogging tryouts I’ve ever done in my whole life…..