Yesterday I designed a pattern for trousers for my little princess.

It still needs to be tweaked here and there ( it is to long in the hip section and the ruffles are maybe a bit to long too ) but my little girl adores it!, the fact that it is wide and gives enough room to dance and play in it is enough for her. I made this thingie from no more that 50 cm of fabric ( 140 cm wide ). After looking at all the patterns that are for sale online I thought well… why not give the designing part a try and do it myself? And I must say it looks great even though it needs some tweaking… LOL.
I designed the pattern with elastic band, because now that princess is potty trained she needs to be able to pull her pants down and up on her own. and well elastic was easier than having to design a zipper or sew a buttonhole….
Last Friday we went to visit my fathers brother and his wife. It really was a lot of fun. They live nearly 2 hours away but I think it was worth the Trip. We talked about a lot of things, went to the spring-market, made a walk in their tiny little back garden and admired the plants and flowers that my aunt has planted.
I even asked my uncle whom I resemble the most; my dad or my mom ( I never knew my dad, he died even before I was born, and my mom died 04-2007 ). My uncle told me I didn’t resemble any one of my parents, but I do resemble my fathers grandfathers family…… we’re not making it difficult…. LOL.
We went to the market and there was a “freemaket” too. people selling their old stuff…. I bought a print of Anton Pieck, maybe it is real, maybe it is false but I do like it and intent putting it in princess her bedroom when it is all done.
here it is:

Wen we came home I asked my aunt ( she is from Indonesia ) if she was ever to go back for a visit to Indonesia and she told me she wasn’t. She is afraid of flying and with a boat it would take weeks to get there. She asked me why and I told her about my love for Batiks and how I think that Indonesian batiks are so great in color and designs. She went upstairs and came back with a couple of blouses and a sarong. All made of batiks and I could take them home with me because she doesn’t wear them anymore!
So now I am the proud owner of hand painted batiks…. wow. Thank you auntie Sissy!!! LOLOLOL
On Thursday we ( princess and I ) went to visit my sick friend Rian, remember the tonsilgirl?  that’s her!
It was so much fun! my princess adoptive-granny and adoptive grandaddy had bought her a bike at the “free-market” that was held on queens-day. My little girl was sooooooooo happy with the bike she didn’t want to come off it to get home , lol. 

Marlies and princess, isn’t this great?!
my girl is in love with Marlies now too…lol

When we finally got home she had to show her new bike to daddy and he was full of aaaaaaaah’s and ooooooooooooooooow’s and wooooooooooow’s and she felt like the little princess that she is. Friday we bought a flag to go with it and she already learned how to turn the bike around without coming off the bike itself.

As you can see there wasn’t that much time to do some quilting the last couple of days, but I promise you to start with it next week…. I think. Though, I am busy designing a quilt in EQ6….
Oh before I forget, we have booked a trip to Zeeland, camping on a farmyard with lots of animals. But we aren’t going sooner than in September later this year…. right before princess goes to the “big” school..

hugs for now, maybe a Silly Sunday later on, who knows!?