According to my husband I do… lol.
Today I went to visit the AGM ( adoptive grandmother ) off my little princess and we went to a huge fabric market in Utrecht (NL).
I spent lots and lots of money and if I had more in my pocket I would have spent that too.
I saw such great wonderful fabrics to create bags with, I almost bought every yard of fabric that was on this market!
The AGM bought some fabric too so I could make her a pair of shoe-bags, some table linen and a set of table clothe and place-mats.
I bought lots of fabrics for creating a couple of new pants ( yes the one from a couple of posts back ) for princess and I also indulged myself with buying a couple of meters of BATIK fabrics… I couldn’t leave them behind, they were shouting my name really loud…LOL
When we came home I finished the set of clothing I was making for my girl  and here is the result:

And yes, the buttons are green, lol, green seems to be princesses favorite color of the moment.
Tel me what you think of it, I really would like to know…