I have spend the last couple of days designing and sewing a party-dress for my little girl. The armholes and neck piece needs to be worked on and the hem of the dress needs to be sewn but this is what I have so far…

 Please don’t notice the pink striped pj trousers…. it was early in the morning when I shot this picture.

close up of the back of the dress

Than this afternoon I decided to have a close look at the stash that I am building… yes where others are trying to use up their stash, I am building. I have just started quilting and I want to have some fabrics to grab and sew if I feel a need to. There are no quilt-shops where I live, the nearest is 25 km’s trip and well…. going there costs me a lot of time and I just want to be able to sew if I want too… it’s my party and I sew if I want too… lol.

I know, my stash isn’t as huge as I see some other quilters have, but remember … I’ve just started quilting last year’s summer….