I found this giveaway last week…

“a polka-dot-jumbo-flower-yo-yo bodacious little pillow” Isn’t it gorgious? I know it will fit the new bedroom we are planning for my little princess and I know she will love this to death… now hoping I will be the lucky winner of this giveaway….
If you think this is gorgious too, go hop over to Arlette’s blog and
all you have to do to win….  is post a comment on this post …. have fun!

We went to “het Dolfinarium” today, will tell you all about it tomorrow though; I am tired now and need to go to bed… ( because I just had a over 2 hours sit at the hairdresser….. the result of that visit can be seen tomorrow …. lol. )
Night night for today, write to you all tomorrow!