Here is the update for yesterday, the trip to “the Dolfinarium” and my hairdresser adventure.

First about the dolphin park, it was fun, lots of fun and little princess had the time of her life.
We saw the dolphin show twice! and both times she was clapping her hands and screaming for pleasure!
it was gigantic, those animals can jump! Wow,
here are some pictures:

 After visiting the show we went outside and had a play in the kinder-play-garden and saw the seals sealions ( I stand corrected, my deepest app for my wrong namegiving M’lies… lol ) who were backing in the sun, getting brown….

Princess also had lots of fun driving a pink car….

After we came home I had an appointment with my hairdresser at 7.30 in the evening, she cut my hair, she put on some rubber gloves and started to paint my hair with a paintbrush…lol
After all that was done, she started plucking my eyebrows, oh man did that hurt but the result is great, lol.
All this is in honor of my sisters twins, they are having their first Communion this Sunday and I am their godmother… I need to be pretty, lol!
here is the result… ( if you see a white spot, be aware it could be me  (*ü*)  )


Now you know what I look like… and you have something to hang in your dungeon to scare of any rodents…