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I must admit I am not blogging as much as I would like too, but I ham hugging a pillow every day from 14.00 till 17.00 hours… I am so so tired even if I haven’t done that much. My computer is also to blame, the darn devil doesn’t want to do what I want it to do… windows isn’t starting properly, as is norton… and everytime when I start a memory-demanding program my puter says… uhhuuuuuu with everyone but not with me….
So I am typing this to explaine why I am absent and I do hope you’ll understand and keep with me…lol
On the sewingfront …. I have ordered a couple of farbenmix-patterns for childerensclothing and some bags… when they arrive I’ll show you.

Hope to be able to blog soon again
hug you



Hi there! yes I am glad you came back… lol even though I have been away for over a week….
It is wonderfull wether outside today so I decided to take some pictures of the “kiekeboe” birthday quilt…


the front

the front and the back

close up of the backing fabric

Last weekend we had the babtism of my newest familymember Femke. She didn’t cry at all in church and she looked so cute in her little white dress! It was a wonderfull day even though it started raining and thundering like… hell lol….
We came back home Sundayevening late and on monday morning my little princess slept till I woke her up at 10.30 ! wow she has slept around the clock!
I am thinking of buying jelly rolls trough the internet, either at hancock or e-bay, not sure about what to do. But if I buy them in a quiltshop in the Netherlands I will have to pay almost double of what I pay online in America….. quiltfabrics are really expencive over here and sometimes I wish I had the money to pop over to america and buy me a suitcase filled with fabrics in all sort and colors….


blog you later!


Yes indeed, I finished the birthday gift but I can’t give it away…. I think it is too gorgious and such a beautifull baby-quilt… ( I know I am the one who made it, no wonder I love it so ) and who knows I could need it in the neer future myself….
This morning I sewed on my enchanted-thingie label and all my husband said was : you are crazy for giving this quilt away! why don’t we keep it for the “just incase we ever get a little boy” reason? lol…
So this brings me to something I realy want to share with you in private, please don’t tell everybody yet….. 😉  …. I am having a due date….. yes you are reading it right… I have a due date somewhere in the beginning of february 2009….. This means I need to do a lot of stuff to prepare …. still don’t know what I am talking about? I am pregnant…. 7,5 weeks now so I am still in the “take care it still can go wrong” stage… But we are so happy with this news!
After trying for this little wonder for more than 2,5 years we almost gave up. We do have a bundle of joy already, and we thought that we should be thankfull for that, but somewhere deep inside me there was this feeling of not having a complete family. We didn’t think about a 2nd child anymore, we started to live like a 1 child family and now wham…. we are going to be a 2 child family afterall! isn’t this wonderfull news?

I’ve made another blog specialy for this mighty wonderous adventure so I won’t bother all the non-parent’s and non-interested visitors to this quilt related blog. you can go and visit me and my baby to be here.

Pictures of the baby quilt will be posted as soon as it stops raining and the light is perfect outside for a photoshoot!
Now I am off to my bed, I need a bit of sleep after going for a fabric hunt this morning….. more about that in my next post… i promiss….

blog you later! (*ü*)