Somewhere in 2007, I bought 10×10 cm squares from the Internet not sure what to do with them, but I liked the color…red.
When they arrived at my doorstep, they turned out to be cut with scissors and not with a roller-knife.. so the squares where all a bit off.. now what?!

I had them in a ziplock-bag stashed away and found them last weekend again. I was going through my stash because I wanted to sew something….
I just started sewing pairs together, and than sewed pairs of pairs together… creating 4-patch blocks which I than squared to be 16 cm.
Now here come my dilemma.. how to put these 4 patch blocks so it will be a stunning quilt? this is obvious a go-as-you-sew-project and I’ve never done this before.
I was thinking of making 4 4-patches into 1 16-patch … like this:

Than combine several 16-patch blocks with a sashing and coordinating corner block… like this:

I know the sashing isn’t there yet, but that is because I am not sure about what to do.  I have 12  16-patch blocks but also more than enough 10×10 squares to create more 4 patch and 16 patch blocks…..
Should I continue this idea or should I just jumble all my 4-patch blocks and make it into an old fashioned patchwork quilt????
Should I make it into a 1-person bed-quilt or maybe 2 baby quilts? So many things to think about…
Baby-cot-sized quilts are easier to work with, but what would I do with 2 baby quilts? And perhaps a 1 pers. bed quilt would fit on my guest bed and look really pretty….

Please please, I call on you to help me with my “go-as-you-sew-project” and tell me if the idea I have of this quilt-to be is the right one….. I know normally a “quilt-to-be” will speak to you but I am a novice and need some help hearing my quilt talk to me…..  tell me what you think of my ideas..

blog you later