I have been sewing like crazy today. Next month the son of one of my friends turns 1 and I want to make him a quilt. It needed to be bigger than cot-sized so he could use it for longer time, and because of the time left it needed to be a realy easy pattern….

What do you think of this endresult?
Not to boy-ish not to small…. dare I say it… perfect ?

I am going to call it “kieke boe” because of this…..

and here is a close up of my “kieke boe” quilt


Feel free to comment on this, because i am still not sure how to quilt this one… making crosses right through the middle of every yellow block… or through every block ???
See? I am not sure how to do this right… it needs to be perfect… I want him to be proud when he shows it to his own kid in years to come ……