Hi there! yes I am glad you came back… lol even though I have been away for over a week….
It is wonderfull wether outside today so I decided to take some pictures of the “kiekeboe” birthday quilt…


the front

the front and the back

close up of the backing fabric

Last weekend we had the babtism of my newest familymember Femke. She didn’t cry at all in church and she looked so cute in her little white dress! It was a wonderfull day even though it started raining and thundering like… hell lol….
We came back home Sundayevening late and on monday morning my little princess slept till I woke her up at 10.30 ! wow she has slept around the clock!
I am thinking of buying jelly rolls trough the internet, either at hancock or e-bay, not sure about what to do. But if I buy them in a quiltshop in the Netherlands I will have to pay almost double of what I pay online in America….. quiltfabrics are really expencive over here and sometimes I wish I had the money to pop over to america and buy me a suitcase filled with fabrics in all sort and colors….


blog you later!