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We went to Alkmaar today, mostly to get informed about Bernina sewing machines. ( but when able I always like to visit fabric shops to collect some fabric to sew clothes and quilt, lol ) Anyway…. We went to Alkmaar, it is hot and humid today and me being pregnant doesn’t help the cause so to speak… We went and found a closed door, the shop owner was on a vacation and will not return before the 2nd of August! This means
1) I came for nothing… grmbl
2) I still have no info on Bernina sewing machines
3) I had some time to do some fabric shopping! YAY!

We triedto find a nice summer coat for little princess but well… summer being almost over also means  that there are only winter-coats in store…. which means I have to sew one myself… not that I mind!
My girl being crazy about green at the moment, and me liking red and checkers… made me go for green checkers/red checker/ red solid fabric, red and green ribbons and for the lining I am going to use a green with white polka-dot fabric…. It is all hanging out to dry, pictures will follow real soon.
So far about today.

Yesterday an uncle and aunt of mine came to visit us, we had a great time till…. my uncle decided to go play with princess on the swing…. he told her to keep both hands on to the swing but she decided against that…. now she has one tooth less in her little mouth… I could cry! She is only 3 ( getting 4 in October ) which means that she will have to walk around with a hole in her teeth for the next 3 or 4 years! Luckily she has her child’s teeth and not her grownup teeth….
For the rest everything went great, we had a good talk, a great laugh and sooooooooo much fun! It was great they were here!
So far yesterday…

Monday we had to visit the midwifepraktice, to check up on the baby-progress…. you know what doptone is? In case you don’t; it is a little device that lets you hear the heart of your unborn baby….
She – the midwife – triedfor several minutes to find the heartbeat but couldn’t find one….. I don’t know what this means…. am I still pregnant of this miracle baby or am I going to lose it? The midwife told me it is common  that you can’t hear a baby’s heart-tone when  you’re overweight, “only” 13 weeks pregnant and have a whom that isn’t tilted but standing up right…..
Now we have to go to the hospital again, tomorrow, to get an ultrasound to see if there is still a baby and if so if there is one or two and how far I am in my pregnancy…

Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow, And if everything is still there where it should be I will share pictures of our ultrasound tomorrow….



When I started to learn how to quilt, I couldn’t use my sewing machine… so I had to learn it while I was learning how to quilt… and than my machine broke and I had to buy another one.
Not sure if sewing and quilting was something I wanted to continue, we ( DH & me ) decided to buy a cheaper machine and not go for a Janome or Bernina. If I had known last year what I know now… I would have saved some more money and bought me a Bernina or Janome machine.
In the mean time – since buying the Toyota machine – I’ve saved money and now I want to buy me a real machine, lol.

But I am not sure which one it is going to be, I need to go visit a couple of sewingmachine-shops and get myself informed about it all.

I want something like the BSR from Bernina, because I want to be able to do some nice quilting with regular stitch-size. I want a huge arm opening so I will be able to transport lot of quilt through….. I want it to be able to place needles right or left from centre, if possible I also would like it to have lots of nice stitches to be used in quilting. If it has a embroidery possibility it has a couple of points extra in my opinion….
I know I have a lot of requirements, but I guess that now I have enough money to buy me a great machine, I want it to have as much possibility’s as possible….. So if there is something else ( besides all the things I already mentioned ) that the perfect machine would need to have to be perfect indeed, please let me know and leave me a comment on this post! You’ll help me in my quest for the best sewingmachine!



This morning, at 10.30 the plane left for London, my best friend is going for work experiance to Ghana … for 6 weeks!
She is a medical student and got the opertunity to go to Ghana! It isn’t that I don’t want her to go, If there is anyone who wants her to go it would be me. It’s more that, well being pregnant in my case means being emotional, and the thought of not being able to talk with her, go there to score a cudle… it upsets me. silly me I know.
With all of her family, friends and other people who know her we made a booklet called homesickmedicine. just incase she is getting the bleus and feels homesick. There were beautiful prayers, drawings, stories and above all wishes for luck and a healthy returning home in 6 weeks.
We – princess and I – went to her yesterday to give her the booklet and it hit her like a bomb. Knowing there are so many people standing behind her and supporting her whas overwhelming to her.
So this morning she went, with jitters in her body, but she went, and I am soooooooo proud of her!
She is going to have a blog but is not sure if she’ll have internetconnection or not and it is all in Dutch…..

I have been preparing for the upcomming couple of days, we are going to visit my family in Limburg and my little princess is going to sleepover at my sisters. Since I can’t take my sewingmachine with me and I am convinced that my dad wants to watch soccer… I have cut out lots and lots of patches to try to handsew them together while being there.
I allready have sewed a couple of grandma’s flowers together… ( I know the fabric is horrible, but I decided to use my “unwanted” scraps of fabric just to get rid of them… lol )

and in total I have enough patches to create 25 flowers….. I am planing on putting each of them by itself on a block and than making the QT like a chess gameboard…. it is all in my head, sorry if I can’t translate my idea so you understand what I am planning…lol

These are a couple of the patches and the finnished flowers…… let me know what you think of it, I sure apreciate the input of other people!

hug hug for now and blog you when I’m back again