When I first started with patching and quilting I found an adorable little wall-hanging with scrappy kind of stars, just cut fabric into equal sized squares, than put them all on top of each other. Place a paper pattern of your star on it and cut along the lines…. simple right?
So not…  because after having done the cutting you had to switch all the patches around and create a dark background with a light star or a light background with a dark star. And having it all cut this way, made the star look kind of really scrappy… it wasn’t what I had hoped for.
Since than, I found out that scrappy doesn’t equal “bad”,”wrong” or necessarily “ugly”… while surfing on the net I saw people doing this on purpose! And the results that I saw where so great that I wanted to put my “scrappy stars” into a quilt….. but I can’t find them anymore. I know they are there somewhere but WHERE?????   I bought a couple of beautiful meters of fabric to compliment my “scrappy stars”  and had already thought up a name for the quilt to be… scrappy star all over….
As soon as I find my stars back, I’ll show them to you and hope they are deserving of your oooh’s and aaw’s…

On another note, we went to the market today… we meaning hubby, princess and moi. I wanted to buy fleece fabric for the inside of a jacket I am sewing for princess for the upcoming winter. But being vacation time in the Netherlands made the salesman think of vacation himself and he didn’t let me know… so now I need to go to the fabric-shop in the city…. another reason for me to go shop and let the money roll… lol!
I called the scare dentist and they send me a form to fill out and send back and guess what? my teeth don’t hurt anymore…. like magic… as soon as i decide to go to the dentist my hurt is over and everything feels okay. Normally I would not go since my pain is over, but this time around I know I should go even though my pains are over for this moment…. So I did fill in this form and have send it on its way…. Hoping I will qualify for their way of helping people overcome fear of dentist.  So wish me luck and I’ll keep you all posted on this dentist thing.