This morning, at 10.30 the plane left for London, my best friend is going for work experiance to Ghana … for 6 weeks!
She is a medical student and got the opertunity to go to Ghana! It isn’t that I don’t want her to go, If there is anyone who wants her to go it would be me. It’s more that, well being pregnant in my case means being emotional, and the thought of not being able to talk with her, go there to score a cudle… it upsets me. silly me I know.
With all of her family, friends and other people who know her we made a booklet called homesickmedicine. just incase she is getting the bleus and feels homesick. There were beautiful prayers, drawings, stories and above all wishes for luck and a healthy returning home in 6 weeks.
We – princess and I – went to her yesterday to give her the booklet and it hit her like a bomb. Knowing there are so many people standing behind her and supporting her whas overwhelming to her.
So this morning she went, with jitters in her body, but she went, and I am soooooooo proud of her!
She is going to have a blog but is not sure if she’ll have internetconnection or not and it is all in Dutch…..

I have been preparing for the upcomming couple of days, we are going to visit my family in Limburg and my little princess is going to sleepover at my sisters. Since I can’t take my sewingmachine with me and I am convinced that my dad wants to watch soccer… I have cut out lots and lots of patches to try to handsew them together while being there.
I allready have sewed a couple of grandma’s flowers together… ( I know the fabric is horrible, but I decided to use my “unwanted” scraps of fabric just to get rid of them… lol )

and in total I have enough patches to create 25 flowers….. I am planing on putting each of them by itself on a block and than making the QT like a chess gameboard…. it is all in my head, sorry if I can’t translate my idea so you understand what I am planning…lol

These are a couple of the patches and the finnished flowers…… let me know what you think of it, I sure apreciate the input of other people!

hug hug for now and blog you when I’m back again