When I started to learn how to quilt, I couldn’t use my sewing machine… so I had to learn it while I was learning how to quilt… and than my machine broke and I had to buy another one.
Not sure if sewing and quilting was something I wanted to continue, we ( DH & me ) decided to buy a cheaper machine and not go for a Janome or Bernina. If I had known last year what I know now… I would have saved some more money and bought me a Bernina or Janome machine.
In the mean time – since buying the Toyota machine – I’ve saved money and now I want to buy me a real machine, lol.

But I am not sure which one it is going to be, I need to go visit a couple of sewingmachine-shops and get myself informed about it all.

I want something like the BSR from Bernina, because I want to be able to do some nice quilting with regular stitch-size. I want a huge arm opening so I will be able to transport lot of quilt through….. I want it to be able to place needles right or left from centre, if possible I also would like it to have lots of nice stitches to be used in quilting. If it has a embroidery possibility it has a couple of points extra in my opinion….
I know I have a lot of requirements, but I guess that now I have enough money to buy me a great machine, I want it to have as much possibility’s as possible….. So if there is something else ( besides all the things I already mentioned ) that the perfect machine would need to have to be perfect indeed, please let me know and leave me a comment on this post! You’ll help me in my quest for the best sewingmachine!