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Yep, here I am again, back from my week non-blogging and what have I been doing this last week? Well…. not all that much! I have been cleaning the house, having guests, a checkup at the midwife – everything is okay with the little one – I also did some craft buying yesterday ( lots and lots of dyed fabrics for a landscape course I am going to attend in November )…

Than this day came and I found something on the net I instandly wanted to create…… a simple landscape with yo-yo flowers. I adjusted the pattern a bit to my own liking and this is how far I am now. I am thinking of giving it to my mom’s friend when he has his birthday in September… or keep it myself. lol!


I have pinned it and will start quilting it tomorrow, shall show you more when finnished.
Going to my basket now, see you all soon nut till than…. happy blogging!



Today, I went to the vet and had my cat put down. He was realy realy ill and I think this is for the better.
So I guess no happy sewing or blogging for today.

hope you have a good day today


… will I buy and use Japanese fabric with woven flowers. I am sewing a bag like the one before, but this time I used Japanese-like fabric. you know that fabric with the woven flower-patterns and it is so shiny! it looks great but is a hell to sew. fibers sticking out on every seam… I will be so relieved when this bag is finished. It depends on this “prototype” if I will ever use these fabrics again and at the moment I think I will not, not ever again.
I also finished my babyquilttop made out of jellyrolls and charm-packs. A couple of weeks ago I ordered 2 jellyrolls and 3 charm-packs from Hancocks of Paducah. They are all in the same style: Moda Barcelona I think. I cut the jelly’s into 2 5″ & 2 9″ pieces and pieced them light jelly with dark charm or vise versa.
At the moment I used 20 9″ blocks and created a top for the baby. It is the first thing I’ll make for this new baby and I sure hope the baby likes it. The fabrics are almost all floral and if the baby is a boy… well my husband said I would need to create a new baby-quilt if so. I still have a couple of strips jelly left and I am thinking of using that in the playpen quilt I want to create. I also do have a whole jellyroll and 2 charm-packs left…. maybe I should create a walhanging with it to hang in the baby-room….. just me thinking.
As I said before, I am a “sew as I like” kind of type and that means I start sewing and see where I end… not always smart but well… it works so far. The blocks of the BQ are 8,5″… 4 in a row…. 5 rows…. my concern now is if it is big enough, I don’t want to end up with a BQ that isn’t big enough to have a baby sleep under… So if there is anyone out there that can help me with this and have a suggestion on the size…. go ahead and let me know… I can still change things around NOW… the quilt isn’t done … yet, lol.

well, maybe more later this evening, who knows!