Yes, you read it correctly… I am frustrated with my new sewingmachine… more preciese with the BSR. I can’t get it to work, the manual book isn’t realy clear about how to do it and where stuff is located and how things work…. and the woman in the store could care less if I would understand how it workes. She showed me how to bring in the threat and how to do the spool thing, and thats it. I am on my own now. I have tried some of the decorative stiches and that all works fine, the BSR 1 works fine too, but the BSR 2 doesn’t work for me. I can not get it to sew when I move the fabric… What the h*** am I doing wrong?
On top of that; my husband has to work this afternoon and evening, so I am home alone with my 3 YO princess who is trying to tease me and plays little devil… not doing what I tell her to do.
It could be me, it could be the rest of the world, but I think someone has a frustrating day today….

Thank you for reading my rand about all of this…. (*ü*)