Today I decided to start with my scrappystar all over quilt top. Remember my post about the stars I knew I had made but couldn’t find? Well, I found them, hidden in the back behind all sorts of other things, lol!
A couple of months ago I bought lots of 1 meter sized fabrics in soft colors pink and green, thinking I could use them for maybe a quilt for my little princesses bed. ( she is crazy about the color green ) I kept on thinking about what to do with the scrapystars and the fabric, how could I incorporate the stars in a new idea? Then I saw my flying geese square tool from lazy girl designs and the light went on so to speak, lol.
I decided to create a ‘FG’ star with in the middle not just a four-patch or a simple square but my scrappy stars that I made when first starting patching and quilting.
So far I have 3 finished squares of scrappy all over and I must tell you they are BIG! lol. I have found 11 of my stars and 11 more that still need to be assembled, but I am not sure if – with the size these “end blocks” are going to be – I should use all of these scrappy stars. Using all of them would turn this quilt into a double sized quilt and princess is sleeping in a single sized bed. I am also not sure whether to use sashings or not…. maybe I just need to make these blocks now, than put them away for months again and than pull them out and have a new thought about it all. But the result that I have now looks good to me. I know there are people who patch only from patterns, they find something they like and create that, I like those result too however… I am more of a person who “sews as she goes” so to speak. While sewing; ideas come to me…. as I said before; fabric talks to me. I have piles of cut squares lying on my dinner table, calling out to me: use me, use me! and I usually do. It can take me hours to make the right fabric choice, but every choice I make is one made with love, love for the quilt, love for the fabric but most of all love for  the person who is going to sleep under it.
Can you tell I am a P&Q addict?

Here are some pictures of the 3 blocks that are finished, I know the scrappy stars are wonky, but hey they are scrappy stars after all!

blog you all later!