Lol, I’ve never thought that I could sew a bag with all those double seems and multiple layers of fabrics. I tried it before on my poor excuse for a sewing-machine and everything the darn thing screwed up, needles broke, or the machine kept protesting… not anymore! Today I sewed a bag, one with multiple layers of fabric, double seems etc etc and my Berni did it’s job terrific! It didn’t protest at all, and made it all look so easy! oh why didn’t I buy a Bernina in the first place?!?!
All this bag is needing now is a button and the cute thing is ready to be posted to a good friend of mine. I am not sure if I should buy a couple of buttons in the shop or buy handmade buttons online on Etsy though. The pattern I used comes from and this is my first attempt of making this bag. The pictures aren’t great though, I have to take them inside because it is all alreadydark outside.

front, see the loop for the button that I need to think off?

the backside of the bag.

A Detail shot of the applique I made, this is also a new thing to do…
on my old machine I used a satinstich, now I used a blanketstich.

So this afternoon I was playing with this pattern and the doorbell rang. It couldn’t be the postman I thought because we already had the post delivered for today. So full with curious wonder I walked into the hallway and opened the door. There was the postman… again! This time he gave me an envelope send from America.
I was wondering who in America could send me a surprise till I saw the name on the envelope…. this came from one of my blogging-friends; Nancy from Blogging, Near Philadelphia  ! So I walked back into the living room, opened the envelope and guess what I found? I was so thrilled to find lots and lots of beautiful scraps of shirting-fabrics! Thank you Nancy!
I had already forgotten that she promised me to send some of her scraps after I had left a comment on her blog asking her what shirting-fabrics are. Being from the Netherlands, I didn’t know what those are, but now I can tell you I love them! they are so beautiful! I can’t thank her enough!
I want to send her something in return but am not sure about what at the moment, let me have a good think about it and I will post a package later this week…. I promise!

all these jummy scraps of shirting in my mail today… wow…
jummy jummy jummy!

happy blogging to all!