a couple of months ago my tomcat Sieb went ill, but not ill enough to be able to catch him and take him to the vet. Last week it came back again, he had a bladder infection and he couldn’t pee anymore due to a stone blocking his “youknowwhat”. So I took him to the vet… he let it all happen so that means he realy was very very ill indeed. The vet helped him and it took me 235,5 euro’s to pay all of this. Now… not that I am poor, but swimming in money isn’t one of the things I can say I do every day you know?! so it took all my savings to pay the vet. I did it with love, thinking my cat would be better afterall.
So I could take my cat back home with me, still dazed from the sedation he got, but he could come back home…. The day after he did leave his pee run out, so me being 16 weeks pregnand, had to run after him cleaning up his mess. I know he can’t help it and again the vet told me it would be for just a couple of days… now it is fryday, Sieb had his problems almost 4 days ago and still there are no signs that the situation will improve…. what should I do? I have no money left in the bank and Sieb is under painkillers wich make him really dizzy, he lets his pee run wild on my livingroomfloor and everytime he eats something he returns it within 30 minutes. I am thinking of giving the vet another call this afternoon and make an appointement for his euthanasia…. it seems to me that is the only “human” thing I can do for him.

turning to God for guidance….