Yep, here I am again, back from my week non-blogging and what have I been doing this last week? Well…. not all that much! I have been cleaning the house, having guests, a checkup at the midwife – everything is okay with the little one – I also did some craft buying yesterday ( lots and lots of dyed fabrics for a landscape course I am going to attend in November )…

Than this day came and I found something on the net I instandly wanted to create…… a simple landscape with yo-yo flowers. I adjusted the pattern a bit to my own liking and this is how far I am now. I am thinking of giving it to my mom’s friend when he has his birthday in September… or keep it myself. lol!


I have pinned it and will start quilting it tomorrow, shall show you more when finnished.
Going to my basket now, see you all soon nut till than…. happy blogging!