Last week we went on a holyday, just 5 days away before my precious has to attend school and before the baby will be born… we went to Zeeland. No not Zealand but Zeeland. It is a province of the Netherlands.
We had a good time, lovely wether, good food, clean beaches…. and a couple of craft and quiltshops I couldn’t resist…lol.
In one of those shops I found leftover curtainfabric they used to show people their collection. It was only 1,- and 1,50 euro a piece and well…. they were realy cute!
So I bought a lot ( almost everything that was in the basket ! ) and in my mind I started to create things with it….. things meaning bags.
I also bought some farm fabric with matching flower fabric to create a baby quilt,  a crosstich kit from Vera the mouse and a stencil for quilting…. I let my money roll so to speak, and I loved every minute of it! lololol.
So on friday we went to my family in Limburg ( yes, another province of the Netherlands ) because grandpa Ruiver had his birthday on Saturday. On Friday though, he had surgery and had to stay in hospital till Saturday. This gave me the opertunity to go shopping for some fabric coupons and guess what?! They were half price!!! I bought me a couple of coupons with the lining of bags in mind and some pink colored weaved fabric with a coat for a little girl in mind. I also couldn’t resist a coupon with dalmatian dogs on it from disney.
So Saturday came and the friend of my late mother came home from hospital, we stayed till the afternoon and than went home ourselves. In the car my mind went in to overdrive and I started to draw out some idea’s for bags. So when we came home and had everything put away, the washingmachine tumbling and the precious in bed, I took out my drawingbook and redifined the idea’s I had about the bag.
I came up with a smaller size postmanbag kind of thing.  and on Sunday I just had to sew…
I had the pattern I had drawn and lots of funky colored fabric’s to experiment with and this is what I came up with:




 And this is what I am working on at the moment….

Planning on putting these into my “shop”page on this blog as soon as  I am sure what I should charge for these bags.
The masurements  for the girlpostbag are:

hight: 23 cm  – ( 9 inch )
with : 27 cm – ( 10,6 inch )
depth: 9.5 cm  – ( 3,7 inch )
adjustable strap min 70 cm / max 130 cm  – ( 27,5 inch / 51,1 inch )
lining : white with light brown polkadots
made out of sturdy  fabric in bright multicolors
pocket on the front
pocket inside
non washable

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on this bag thing I have going on. I made up this pattern myself, and am proud of this endresult.