I have been cutting and sewing today yesterday finishing the quilttop of my red-block quilt and cutting and sewing shoe-bags for the adoptive grandma of my little girl.
I cut 2 but had just sewn 1 and wanted to know if the shoes would fit in…. they do as long as you put in low sneakers or shoes and not walking shoes ( and shoes that aren’t size “Huge” )….
So off to the drawingboard again and I made up a bigger pattern… cutting 2 and than run out of lining fabric… tjees the world is was against me today yesterday!
My husband made me get up early this yesterday morning, he needed me to drive behind him to the APK for his car ( some kind of anual check up to see if the car is “fit” enough to drive on the Dutch roads ) .
When it took them realy very very long to call with the message that he could pick it up, he phoned them himself…. and guess what? his car isn’t fit, it needs an awfull lot done to get back into shape, and you know how that is, having an awfull lot done will cost an awfull lot of money.
Just when I was planning on buying batting for a couple of quilttops that I have finished… how awfully mean can my life be at the moment?!

On another path, we went to the hospital this past Friday to have the “midway” ultrasound check up and now it is official, it is a baby and not an alien! It has everything and from everything enough, lol!
I still can’t believe that I am preganand again, I feel the baby kick and I saw “it” on the ultrasound but still… I have a baby in me.