This Sunday, I started a new baby-quilt and today I quilted it with my BSR! And to be honest, after practicing a lot on leftover pieces of batting and ugly FQ’s I think I am starting to like this BSR device!

I can not show you what I created though, because it is the baby-quilt for my babe, and even though WE know what it is going to be, we don’t want to share our secret with the world.
Showing you this quilt would be the same as telling the world we get a ….
However, I am diverting from the topic… the BSR.
In the beginning I was upset, it did not work for me at all and only thanks to Wendy Sheppard from IvorySpring  , I kept on fighting the “beast” and I think I can say I won today! Not that every curve is smooth or every stipple is correct and everything is even, but I seem to have a thing for it now and decide to keep on using it!
Yeah to you Wendy!
Speaking of WENDY…. I got a lovely postcard in my mailbox last week from Wendy C….. I want to send a picture postcard back but well… being pregnant… I misplaced the card and now I can not find the address that was on it! So please Wendy C, mail me and send me your SMMB-address so I can return the favor of sending a postcard!

So, now I am going to prepare something to eat for my girl, she is soooooooo hungry she starts to cry…
Blog you all later!