This week I was reading blogs of my feed-list and came across the blog-entry of Sandy from piecemeal Quilts about the “oneseamflyinggeese” way of sewing a flying geese. She made up a tutorial about it and showed a different way to make a pretty geese unit…. it made me thinking, I mean, yeah I am pregnant but can still think! lol! What if you make 2 of those curled 3 dimensional geese units and turn one around and sew them together? It would LOOK like a cathedral window kind of thing. So I commented on her creative way of thinking, telling her of my idea how you could use these curled geese units…. and guess what? she gave it a try and showed it on her blog! she even calls these new units : Cathedral Winda Blocks! wow… someone is picking up on my wild thinking and naming a block after me???? is this really happening to me????
Lol, well thank you Sandy, if you ever are going to write a book on this topic…. let me know, I’ll buy it immediately!