In case someone doesn’t want to read about my venting…. click over to the next blog in line…

Still here? Good, be prepared because I really am bothered by this…..
The thing is this… and it is bothering me ever since I started machine patching and quilting…. why do people think they can say: machine-quilting isn’t REAL?
Don’t get me wrong here, I do occasionally hand-piece and hand-quilt, I have the up most respect for people who create full-size double quilts ( and any other project ) that way! I mean, yeah it IS a lot of work doing it all by hand!
But what is it that people mean gives them the right to say that all the work that I put in a quilt, the fabric-hunt; the pattern-thinking; the cutting; the sewing etc etc, isn’t REAL ???!!!???
I choose to piece and quilt on a sewing machine, maybe because I am in need of instant gratification or just because I want more done in the same time. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real!
I do think it is more of a European look at piecing and quilting though, because in the USA it is getting more and more “normal” to send your quilt to a longarmquilter and have the quilting done that way.

So to all the people saying that machine-quilting isn’t real I want to ask them this… do you still use a broom to clean your house? no? why not? because you have a machine that does it for you? well… there you have it! Maybe I do it the modern way but I AM QUILTING, nevertheless!
Stop judging me and let me quilt my own way!

pfffffffffffffffffff, still here? sorry for this rand but I really needed to get this out in space here, it is occupying my mind lately and reading on a blog about someone who did her first machine-piecing & Quilting ( after years and years of hand-piecing and quilting ) but immediately said it wasn’t real….. that made my blood boil!

I hope to see you all back at my next blogpost! have a great piecing and quilting time ( hand or machine, what ever tickles your fancy! )