Today I saw someone’s fabric stash, all sorted by color and pattern and all I could think of was: I want that too! I want that so bad!
Since I started quilting I have been building my stash little by little but I don’t have a place to call my sanctuary, a place were I can sew and be alone with my thoughts. A place were it doesn’t matter if I walk out and close the door behind me without putting everything away. My DH prommissed me I would get the attic all to myself…. 3 years ago, lol. So far all we could manage was putting stuff AT the attic instead of clearing OUT the attic… so no fancy fabric closet for me. I have all my fabrics hidden away in crates, big bags and/or boxes….
There is no hope for the near future, Me being pregnand and having to “deliver” in feb next year, makes that the attic is a storage area at the moment.
However, I keep on sewing in the livingroom, I feel the need to create so to speak.
Last week my DD got a dollsbed for her birthday from her grandfather. My SIL gave me some fabric telling me I should create a dollsquilt to go with the bed…. Yesterday I started sewing. I made pinwheels by the dozen, lol! Now they are ready to be sewn together to create the dollsquilttop. Tomorrow is another day, I think I can finish it by tomorrow evening.
This week is a holiday week for the school going kids and since my girl is 4, she is one of those kids having a holiday now. This means she will be home all week, the last week before she will be attending school and be away from me for the most part of the day.
On the one side I feel sad, I mean, my little baby is growing into a little lady, she is 4 allready and ready to tackle the world. On the other hand, her going to school gives me more time to prepare for the babe that is coming within a couple of months and I like that too.
For the time being, I am going to enjoy this last week with her to the fullest, planning lots of things to do this week!

I am signing off, going to my basket, it is late and my babe wants some attention ( belly rubbing, already a demanding little thing!  must be a girl )