A bussy week lies behind me, a week in which I spent a day at the quilt and fabric event in Rotterdam, my princess started school, I bought tons of stuff to start sewing for the baby and I had a visit with my obstetric ( had to look that word up ).

So, first the obstetric visit. All is well, the baby is growing – as is my tummy – and has a strong hearttone. The obstetric told me however  that she likes for me to give birth in hospital due to the fact that I am slightly on the “heavy” side ( well that is one way to say I am to fat and she doesn’t want complications, lol ). We also talked about me having backpains and problems with doing the same thing hours on end… like sewing.
And thats the biggest issue so far, she told me not to sew so much than! How on earth can she think I can stop sewing? I mean, sewing is my life besides my kid(s) and husband! I am a quiltjunky and she wants me to go in detox! lol. So I am doing less “longhour”  sewing at the moment. I sew a couple of things and then read a bit, do some household related things like washing or drying, vacuumcleaning etc. than I start sewing again. I can’t help myself, I mean, well if I can’t sew a couple of days I realy start to get all kinds of detox experiances! lol!!

Last week , on fryday , I had an appointement with an aunt of me, auntie Jo. We went to the quilt and fabric event in Rotterdam and oh my! I wish I could have bought every little thing I wanted to have but well… as I stated in one of my earlier blog entries: I didn’t winn the lottery!
What I did buy however is to be chearished for always! I bought me a biastapemaker from Clover, a couple of yards of fabric, batting to be used in potholders, a couple of differend collored variegated treath and a couple of new patterns! My aunty bought me a pattern for a sleepingbag for the baby and I had several great books in my hand, ready to buy them but realizing I had seen them more cheap at bol.com. We had a great day but when I went home I realy was tired. I was thinking of attending the hobby event in Utrecht later next week but I don’t think I will manege. Every 20 minutes to an half hour I had to sit down and take a good rest before moving onwards and well, the utrecht event is much more people and less places to take a rest. so I will skip this year and hope to attend utrecht next year again.

Also last week, I did a lot of “homeshopping” at marktplaats. Marktplaats is the dutch counterpart of EBAY. and buying so much meant ofcourse getting lots of parcels! always fun to get parcels don’t you think?! My princess was all about : what is in it? who send it? is it something for princess to play? Every day of the week the TNT-van stopped at my door and brought me a package… they must know my adress by now! lol!!

Yesterday we made an appointement at the optemetrist to get our ( DH  & mine ) eyes measured, the oppointements are not earlier than somewhere in Novermber but we allready had a look for new  specticals and I think we have succeeded. We also went to a shop called Zeeman where I bought some flanel bedding stuff to be cut up and made into lining for baby sleepingbags. Today we went to Beverwijk to buy sportgoods for DH. He has an appointement right now with someone who is going to help him lose weight and get in a better fysical-condition.  Good for him! He got a couple of new sneakers and a sportsoutfit and well I hope it will encourage him to keep up and get in condition.

My girl went to school this week, she is 4 now and must attend the “kleuter”school – preschool? – She likes it but has some troubles to adjust to more kids in a group and going to school every day of the week. But so far she loves it! I think mommy has more problems with her going to school than she does herself! lololol!

I made a toiletbag last week and quilted it with the BSR and I must say it is getting better and better! As soon as I find out how to attach the zipper to the bag I’ll take a picture and show it to you all.

I’ll stop rambling now,  just wanted to update you on my “week of packages”
hugs for now