Hi there anyone who kept with me even though I have been absent the whole week last week!
This week whas realy hectic, lots of things I have to do and organize. Yesterday we came home after going to the south for a concert that my husband wanted to attend. He is a huge fan of a Dutch musicgroup called “Rowwen Heze” and they had their final concert of the year. He really wanted to go see them so off we went on Friday. My brother and his wife were going also and I offerd to babysit their 9 months young little girl. Gave me some practice again so to speak, practice for when this little babe hits the world in a couple of months. Well they had the time of their life and came home at 3.30 in the middle of the night!
The Saturdaymorning was all mine together with my little princess. Everytime we visit my former place of living, I just have to go visit the fabric-store and buy a lot of coupons and other fabrics. I found they had a huge stack of Christmas fabircs for 3 euro a metre… and I could not resist! I also bought a couple of 30 cm zippers and some great dutch inspired ribbon with windmills on them ( in red and bleu ).
We are also very bussy with creating the new bedroom for girly and for the little babe… lots of things to do. We finaly decided on orange as the color for the nursery and green as the color for girlies bedroom.
We had also a lot of troubles with the internetconnection… again! I mean, ever since our internetprovider fused with a couple of others together to form a compagny called “ZIGGO” we experiance internet and phone troubles. Our connection seems to be slower than ever before, which makes logging in to some websites almost impossible. Sometimes when I need to place a phonecall my phoneconnection is down too and it is starting to bug me. we are paying a lot of money but aren’t getting anything to show for it….

till next time!