I know, this used to be a blog about my craftiness, my sewing, my quilting…. and yet the last couple of post were non-crafty… so sorry for that, however, I do think I have a legitimate reason though….
I had to go to hospital last week to make sure I wasn’t leaking any water. I am 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I need to start doing things different. I am not at all happy with this but well, it is no longer just me in this game now is it?! My obstetrician told me last time I was there to slow down, to not want to over do anything…. not even travel to my family because that would mean a 2,5 hours minimum of sitting in the same posture which she thinks is not such a good idea. So last Wednesday I called my obstetrician to talk with her about me losing some water. She came, checked me up and send me to hospital to have an ECG. All is well, however the hospital obstetrician told me to slow down….. sounds familiar? this means the next couple of weeks will be really quiet here on the blog, not much going on on the creating front. I just need to reduce stress – yeah that is something simple to do huh?! – but with a FIL who has bin diagnosed with lung-cancer and bone-cancer and maybe not living to see this little babe hitting this world, it is kind of difficult to reduce the stress. Normally I would start sewing like a mad-man/woman to occupy my mind with something else, all I do now is look over all my magazines and think of all the stuff I could create and will create after giving birth to this little babe…. in the mean time I hope you stay tuned and keep on blogging…

hugs from the Netherlands