Hi all of you who have stayed, trying to find new blogs from me over the past week…
As some of you know, I am carrying a child. However, that is no longer the case, but let me begin at the beginning..
Last may , my husband and I got pregnant and my due date was Feb. 1st 2009. My belly kept growing and growing… than, almost 2 weeks ago my Father in law died of cancer. The following Wednesday I had an appointment with my obstetric and she had my blood-pressure 160/110 …meaning it was waaaaaay to high. She send me to hospital to have an checkup.
So up we went, to Beverwijk to the red cross hospital. The obstetric there measured my blood-pressure and told me I needed to stay for the night because it was way waaaaaaaaaaaay to high…. next morning my gyn told me he was going to try to get my pregnancy at least to 34 weeks… huh? 34? yeah, 34 because it wasn’t going to happen that I could carry this child the full 40 weeks. I still don’t know where it went wrong, but Thursday I blew up like a water Mellon and my blood-pressure kept on rising and rising….
High blood-pressure and being pregnant doesn’t go together that well and my Gyn told me he was going to send me to the Vu-hospital in Amsterdam because they have a neo-natal unit for preemies younger than 32 weeks of pregnancy. All I could say was: I don’t want this to be happening! But off i went, into the ambulance to Amsterdam. There I got into a room with again a different gyn and more different people wanting to know all about me and what I was feeling and how much pain I was in… It was awful, all I could think off whas that I wanted this baby to survive. They again kept on measuring my blood-pressure and low and behold…. there even was a peak of 215 over 140… way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to high!
So, off I went into theatre and gave birth to my beautiful little baby who was only 40 cm tall and only 1430 grams in weight. I didn’t even get to see him, he was rushed to the neonatal unit and put in to a glass box with tubes and all put in his little arms and body.
Thinking of it makes my heart hurt for him. He still is in neonatal unit in Amsterdam, I am home at the moment.

So, this is the news of today:

On the 5Th day of December, at 4.15 in the morning, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy :


Lars, Wilhelmus, Bernardus, Nikolaas
40 cm in length, 1430 grams in weight

I want to ask you to include him in your list of people for whom you pray, or just light a candle for him next time you go to church. All the positive prayers and hope is welcome so he can come home as soon as possible.

Thank you all



*ps just a couple of minutes ago, I was informed that the situation with my little boy has improved so much that he is off the tube and breathing on his own ( as far as possible and with a little help of a cpap ) As I am typing this, Lars is on his way back to the neo-natal care unit in Beverwijk redcross hospital. I am going to visit him tonight and will update you on his condition and maybe try to share some pictures.
Keep those prayers comming! they are realy doing their work!!!! thanks!