We put up the Christmastree Saturday morning, wanting to have everything normal for my girl and I promised Lars we would put in  a lot of little lights. My princess has made a painted Christmastree for Lars and the nurses in hospital, keeping the fingers crossed they will like it!
Under the Christmastree is my (ugly but very well loved ) Christmasstable. It was a gift from my grandma to my parents when they got married in November 1968. All the figures are made off plastic and well worn, the stable is made of pressed wood and soooooo ugly but the fact that it was a wedding gift to my parents and that my mom had it under her tree for years and years, makes it so special for me.
My dad died by a car accident in 1972, I was born 6 months later in November. My mom died of cancer in 2007 and gave the stable to me a couple of years before. See? it is really something special to me.
I told my girl the story of Christmas and why we celebrate it and she loved the story and my 40 year old ugly Christmas stable….
 to her the figurines came to life when I told her the story….


too all of you; Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009