Hi there! Yes bizzy bizzy at the moment. We are decorating princesses room, preparing little prince his room and driving up to hospital several times a day. As I may have told before, I need sewing and quilting to get my thoughts straight and the last couple of evenings – after returning home from hospital – I have been sewing to get my thoughts straight again. I have been finishing the scrappy stars all over blocks, now I want to make heartblocks to go with the star blocks… I also made some oven-mittens but I think I did something wrong; they fit me perfect but… hubby has bigger hands and he complains that the new mittens are to small for his hands! I have run out of insul-bright and since I bought it at a quilt-market I don’t know were to buy the stuff in the Netherlands. But he liked the idea of these mittens and asked me to make some for him too! 
Over here in the Netherlands we have a radiostation called radio 2 and they are airing the top-2000 ever at the moment. It is a anual event and it means that we have the radio on every waking moment of the day, even now that I am typing this I am listening to it on-line!  ( click on the link and get a streaming live webcam with the music! )  Lots of oldies and great Dutch songs too, oh how I love to sing along as loud as I can, lololol.

Hugs to all for now