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my son.

posing for the camera
Here he is, posing for the picture right after taking a bath.

He is doing well and keeps up his temperature really good at the moment. He does have some troubles with his bottles however maybe he just needs a different bottle to fix the problem! This weekend we are planning a get to getter with family to celebrate him coming home with us. So I will share more pictures of him after the weekend.

In hospital Lars had a “roommate” for whom I made a little quilt to sleep and dream under. I can’t tell her name but she is a really adorable little girl, her parents are the nicest people I have come to know in a long time and I truly hope that she can come home with them very soon!

image of roommate with quilt
This is a picture of her with the quilt folded up on her bed.

I hear Lars getting awake and I know that means he will want his bottle of milk, so off I go again, feeding my precious little prince.

Blog you later



If everything goed as aspected… gues who is comming home on Monday morning?

Yes! My precious little prince is coming home with me! I want to thank all of you who said prayers, lighted candles and what not , but please keep those prayers coming because he only comes home when he is still doing great like he did today!

thank God, finaly I will be able to put my child in his own crib, thank God indeed!

Yep, just to make sure I won’t sit and shew off my nails, I am going to collect neckties. Imagine all the neckties that are in dark places in the back off man’s dresser… those poor things! They want to see the light again and I will make it my 2009-resolutoin to liberate those ties and bring them into the light for everyone to be seen and admired!
So… If there is such a poor orphaned tie in your dresser, please send it to me and I will give it back it’s life!

hugs for now