Call off the missing persons squat, get all the sniffing dogs back into the doghouse, stop the person who is tacking the “missing” flyers on all the trees… I am back and have news!

I know it has been a long time since I have been blogging, life is still up side down at the moment.
Lars is still in hospital but…. he is out of the glass house! He is sleeping in a little baby-bed now but lots has happened.
As I told you at the beginning of January, we all became ill with Noro virus witch prevented us from being able to go and visit Lars. He had to go in quarantine and after we ourselves got better we could come and visit but had to put on rubber gloves, a mask and some kind of a dress that closed on the back… feeling like we were in a nuclear plant so to say, lol!
Anyway, on Tuesdaymorning Lars was “released” out of quarantine but when they found more babies with diarea, he had to go back in quarantine again even though he did not have contact with those other little ones at all for the past 72 hours!! So, the long wait started, my little girl wasn’t allowed to visit her brother and had to stay home. She is only 4 yo and needed a babysitter – her dad – which meant that I drove up to hospital every day and he stayed home with our princess.
Than, finally, Lars came out of quarantine and after a couple of days he could sleep in a bed instead of the glass house,  jippy! 
A few days later he moved from the glass-house department to the “normal” baby department, and I was hopeful he could come home with us really soon…  yeah, right…. so not….
He got a cold, became “snotty” and had to be put back on the monitor to have a close eye on his saturation and breathing etc etc… that was step 1 in the wrong direction….
Yesterday they put him back into a room of his own, afraid as they were that he would give the other babies a cold…. that was step 2 in the wrong direction…
This will mean he will not come home as soon as I had hoped. I am getting tired; all I want is taking my boy home with me, cuddle him to bits and put him into his own bed.
Just a couple of days more…. waiting, oh way am I so impatient?