my son.

posing for the camera
Here he is, posing for the picture right after taking a bath.

He is doing well and keeps up his temperature really good at the moment. He does have some troubles with his bottles however maybe he just needs a different bottle to fix the problem! This weekend we are planning a get to getter with family to celebrate him coming home with us. So I will share more pictures of him after the weekend.

In hospital Lars had a “roommate” for whom I made a little quilt to sleep and dream under. I can’t tell her name but she is a really adorable little girl, her parents are the nicest people I have come to know in a long time and I truly hope that she can come home with them very soon!

image of roommate with quilt
This is a picture of her with the quilt folded up on her bed.

I hear Lars getting awake and I know that means he will want his bottle of milk, so off I go again, feeding my precious little prince.

Blog you later