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Last Friday, me and my little princess went to the weekly market, just for fun, just for her and me time. Infront of us walked 2 young “man” and my girl asked me: “mommy, don’t they have belts to hold up their pants?”
Those 2 youngsters were following the latest fashion of not using a belt while your jeans is almost on your knees…. you could see the top of their undies and more….
So I told – in loud voice – my little princess: “well, dearest, I do think these “man” can’t buy a belt, they must be verry verry poor indeed. Maybe they should have bought other undies than CK’s so they would have money left for a proper belt and we didn’t have to see their skidmarks.”
I never knew that a face could turn that red!
hugs for now!


remember a couple of months ago when Sandi from Piecemeal Quilts told about the 1 seam methode for making a flying gees? we had a bit of a talk about it and well we came up with a way to make a cathedral window… she called it a cathedral Winda
Today I thought about how to make it so it would realy LOOK like a c.w. and I must admit it is a lot of thinking but it realy looks like a cw to me…

Tell me; what do you think about these Cathedral “Winda” ‘s ?

hugs for now!


Last week I went trough my stash and found lots of fabrics that aren’t really “me”. I wondered what to do with them. Than I surfed the website of Bunnyhill designs and found a free pattern of a cute little  bear… I was willing to give this pattern a try and well it turned out great!
I gave one to my little princess ( and she adored it)  and the other I made went to my little prince so he too has something to cuddle.

And that made me think, I have an ” extended ” family and they know people who have contacts with hospitals and institutes in both Hungarian and Ghana. Wouldn’t it be great to make those bears for all these children in need? So they too have a bear to talk to about their worries, their pains, their thoughts? A bear is a universal sign for cuddles and love and if those children need anything in life, it sure must be the feeling of love and companionship!
So I wrote to Ann Sutton  from Bunnyhill designs  about my idea with these bears for the childeren and she gave me her permission!

I will be sewing bears when not quilting or patching or sewing clothes for my girl. I will be making a space for these bears on my website and on this blog. Feel free to give me your feedback about this newest adventure of mine…

hugs for now, blog you later!